Monday, June 27, 2005

INFDL and drogas perjudiciales

Some of the editors here at INFDL take the view that legalizing drugs is a good answer to many of america's problems (at least I think some of you do). I don't share the same degree of enthusiasm for it, but I certainly share some of the ideas (cutting crime literally in half, ending mucho expensivo drug war, don't think weed is more harmful than alcohol, etc.). But for me the sticking point to legalizing drugs is crystal meth, because this piece of shit drug creates monsters capable of extreme violence. Now, I have nothing to prove this, and I'm just a gamblin' man when I say this, but I'd bet a huge portion of violent crime and murders are the result of zombies cranked on meth (who haven't slept in 4 days, and who are numb in mind and heart). I take into account the huge increase in meth use that's been reported when I claim this. And let's no forget to mention, if crystal meth were ever legal, we might have more people in America smiling and speaking (and serving you your tacos or processing your bank loan or buttering your pancakes at Denny's) with chompers as showcased in this article from the old grey nutsack. So, since it appears that nobody at INFDL has had anything they'd like to say in over a week (what up with our poor performance last week bros?), feel free to begin dialogue on the issue of legalizing drugs and/or anything else about drugzz (or, of course, stories about crazy-ass-meth-heads and all the extra meth money they'll be getting from the tooth ferry).

Noah Adds: I don’t favor broad drug legalization, but I do support the right of states to legalize drugs if they choose. I also think that it would be a good idea to legalize marijuana for medical or recreational use by adults. This would be on an experimental basis. Also, I don’t think prison is a good punishment for casual drug use. If you’re doing drugs without hurting anyone (besides yourself) you shouldn’t go to jail. (On the other hand, if your drug use leads to child neglect, DWI’s or taking a crap on a public street, you should go to jail.)

As for the lack of posting . . . I’m afraid that it’s possible my slowdown may be permanent. My employers are suddenly making the unreasonable demand that I work for my “wages.” (I put the word in quotation marks because my “wages” are pathetic. Still, they’re more than I actually deserve . . . as my formerly prolific posting during work hours so amply demonstrates.) Also, the day after tomorrow I’m going on vacation in the Red Triangle. Pray that the sharks don’t eat me . . .

Tom adds: sorry to hear that, Noay. Working for $$$ really sucks, and I've spent my whole life trying to figure out that riddle (I hear that "working" for the city of New York is a pretty easy ride--and one reason they'll never get out of debt). Your views on the legalization of doobies (aka MARIJUANA CIGARETTES!!!!!) on a trial basis seems pretty reasonable, with all the same rules being applied (like public intoxication). To me, the best reason to legalize drugs would be to end so much crime, and though just legalizing doobies wouldn't necessarily do that, it would end the assinine imprisonment of the pot-takers and the rollers of doobies, which is much needed. I hope that the "work" thing doesn't interfere too much with your internet surfing and other observations while at "work" which have contributed in a mighty hefty way to INFDL and kept it alive during many dry spells from the rest of our asses.

Sean adds: I find myslef on a similar situation to Noah--all work no play. I should emerge soon, though. On the subject of the sticky-icky: Legalize it. There's no reason that I (not that I would ever, ever, ever smoke dat shit) as an adult shouldn't be able to smoke Herb or Juniper Bark or wheat-grass or my Chuck Taylor All-stars. Does that mean that I advocate the legalization of Crystal and its attendant dental pleasures? Absolutely not.

I remember a conversation I had with Alexandra a few months back. She asked me why I would like to see the Owl legalized and not, say, Heroine. My answer goes something like this: as a gun enthusiast, I enjoy discharging a nice Heckler and Koch 40. Does that mean I advocate selling Nitro Glicerin at Smiths? No. The simple fact is that there are different levels of destructiveness that each and every drug posesses. Heroine can destroy the heart. Meth can destroy the brain, the lungs, your very muscles and your teeth. Cocaine turns you into an asshole. All of the afore mentioned drugs can lead to extreme crime.

Weed? It makes you hungry and you say ",man" alot. Besides, Cocaine and Heroine are already legal as medicine (oxycontin, anyone?)

Also, I still believe that the more important part aspect of Gomzales vs Raiche is the issue of over-reaching federal power and the chilling effect that the decision had on the concept of federalism.

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