Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Many sinister weapons have been used in the long and ugly history of political repression (tear gas, rubber bullets, lead bullets, pepper spray, dogs, tanks, and sheriff’s deputies with severe halitosis, just to name a few). But the Egyptians have apparently reached a new low:

Hundreds of Egyptians have staged an angry protest against the alleged sexual harassment of female activists and reporters by government supporters . . .

Anger has grown after opposition activists and female journalists were groped and physically assaulted during protests against a referendum designed to approve multi-candidate presidential elections later this year.

Opponents of Mr Mubarak say the referendum was flawed and say the measures will not bring about real democratic change.

The Egyptian ruffians engaged in “grope attacks” and tore the clothing off some of the female protestors. This strategy has the dual advantages of suppressing protest and bolstering police recruitment. “Ooooh, Achmed, you join police? (Nudge, nudge) You get some gropie, gropie, yummy, yummy?”


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