Friday, May 13, 2005

Where's the Gay KKK?

Rumors are swirling about the current state of Dave Chapelle. I returned from the desert to see that the creator of such modern classics sketches as "the Niggars" and the "Black KKK" and the "Gay KKK" has checked himself into a loony bin in South Africa. His handlers deny that it has anything to do with drugs.

Much has been said about his stand-up and sketch comedy, but one of my favorite aspects of his show is his approach to musical guests. Every musical act is different and rarely if ever do the acts perform in front of the audience. An example: when the mighty Mos Def (a frequent guest on sketches too) was the featured music, his act was to throw a tape into the dash and cruise around town with Chapelle and a camera while rhyming and driving.

I need not rehash how bitchin the show is (or sadly, was) for all at INFDL have probably feasted on classics such as the afore mentioned "the Niggars"--a sketch that was a mock black and white 'Leave it to Beaver' where instead of the Cleavers, the subject was a milky-white family called the Niggars.

While sometimes uneven and stony, the Chapelle show is ground-breaking not just because of the reckless abandon with which it deals with so-called 'sensitive' issues (R Kelley's under-age pissing fetish aside), but also because of its representation of Hip-Hop as music and comedy. Here's hoping Chapelle makes it out okay because I need a good laugh.

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