Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What Went Right

If you only read the MSM accounts of what is going on in Iraq you would get the impression that the country is just a large smoldering turd. And while the bad news stories are important (what a nightmare that most recent bombing is), they’re just half of the story. There are a few scraggly flowers growing out of that turd. You can get the other half from Arthur Chrenkoff, who compiles a bi-weekly report of the good news from both Iraq and Afghanistan.

You should also read Rich Lowry’s recent piece from National Review. I don’t think it’s in the free portion of NRO, but it’s worth it to buy the mag. Hell, it’ll be worth it just to see the look on the face the guy behind the register at Borders when he sees the filth you want him to ring up.

Here’s a quote about the action in Fallujah:

The performance of the U.S. forces was spectacular. Marines got shot and kept on fighting. When the battle ended, there was a rash of reports of previously ignored wounds. “Headquarters asked, ‘Why are you reporting 35 wounded so late?’” says Natonski. “We were reporting them so late because these kids didn’t report it when they were wounded. The Corpsmen bandaged themselves up and stayed in the fight. The Marines at Iwo Jima, Chosin Reservoir, and Vietnam set the bar pretty high, and they lived up to the standard.”

Heroism is astonishingly common among our soldiers and Marines.

The strangest line in the whole piece is this one is from an American general discussing the state of Baghdad when our forces arrived:

Imagine a non-functioning city the size of Detroit.

Yeah, we have a place like that in the United States, it’s called “Detroit.”

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