Sunday, May 29, 2005


That is the word from the French people concerning the European Union charter. Is it the beginning of the end for the EU? You betcha. This issue has torn the French apart at the seams and with the French people soundly rejecting the charter, one could assume it to be political suicide for the Frenchy elite to continue to shove it and its endless pages of rules and regulations and declarations down the French gullet.

Is this a sign that the French populace is beginning to "get it"? No. Rest assured that for the most part, the French still believe that they are the center of a flat universe. In fact that may be why they have rejected the EU so profoundly: the EU, with its rotating UN-esque presidency and scores of diplomats devoted to centralizing power and dispersing it as they see fit, fail to acknowledge the natural superiority of the land of frommage. Far from being a rejection of that same consolidation of power, the French reaction is more akin to a temper tantrum aimed at the rest of Europe for not giving the French their natural due.

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