Thursday, May 05, 2005

Name Calling

Today I discovered a list of nicknames for President Bush that has been compiled by a leftist website. There are 172 of them. One remarkable thing about the list is how many of the insulting names seem to fit libs better than they fit Bush.

For example, there were two nicknames on the list that compared Bush to Caligula (Caligula Jr. and Crawford Caligula). Caligula, of course, was a cruel and insane Roman emperor who famously made his horse a senator and ordered his troops to attack the god Neptune by wading into the ocean and stabbing it. He was most famous, however, for his sexual depravity (which included incest and bestiality). This isn’t a good nickname for W for the obvious reason that there has never been even a hint of sexual scandal to mar his presidency. If you say “Caligula Jr.” most people will think you're talking about this person.

Many of the names essentially call him a Nazi or a fascist (Hillbillies Hitler, Chunpenfuehrer, Bushitler). Somewhat surprisingly, no fewer than four compare him specifically to Mussolini: Bushollini, Il Bushe, Il Dunce and Il Douche. But if you refer to someone as “Il Douche” most people will assume you are talking about this person.

I was also surprised to find that a lot of the names compared Bush to a bunny (Bunnypants, Captain Bunnypants, Commander Bunnypants and Chimpy McBunnypants). I have no idea where the whole bunny motif came from but, once again, there’s a lib to whom the epithet could be better applied.

Finally, I don’t see how “Commander Codpiece,” “Busch,” “El Busho,” “Furious George,” “Mr. Potato Pants” or “Satan’s Monkey” are insulting at all.

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