Wednesday, May 11, 2005

For a good time...

"America: We stand as one, a video by Dennis Madalone that contains quite possibly the gayest pro-american imagery ever captured on frames of film". --Decadent West

Doesn't that quote just tempt the soul to indulge in this video? Yes, it does. And the video lives up to it in every way. And Dennis Madalone, a name that screams "BON JOVI REJECT" (but God Bless him), has provided some seriously entertaining images in his patriotic video. This is the kind of shit I can imagine super-cheese politicians using in their campaign rallies, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of the republican party, sadly. But thankfully, in these times, it is one of the only drawbacks of the party in control.
Self correction: After re-reading this I must now clarify something. Of course it's not the entire GOP that I accuse of being cheesy, but rather those few (not to name names or anything) who embarrass the rest of us when they ham it up to Lee Greenwood and shed tears. That's all. Because for the most part, the repubs are definitely the coolest of the two parties right now, personel-wise and certainly idea-wise.

More video fun via DW here and here.

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