Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Wizbang declares Jihad on a Mormon practice...

Not really, but that is a sexy lead-in, no? Jay Tea has an incredibly simplistic and un-informed opinion on the Mormon practice of baptism for the dead. It has set off a shit-storm on the subject. Rusty Shackleford has a good take on it. Beyond the stupid post, there is a semi-interesting debate on the subject in the comments over at Wizbang.

Tom adds: Good link, nature boy. My input: The Mormon church as an institution does not have alot of control over who turns up on the database of names of deceased. It's mostly done privately by church members themselves. So how is the church itself supposed to completely stop it? Plus, is it just assumed that mormon church members are stealing the names of jews, with no relation to themselves? Right down the street from my folks' house there lives a jewish convert to the mormon church. Yup, him and his whole side of the family were jews who converted to the mormon faith. They're very devout, and like most devout mormons they will do their own geneology and perform this particular practice for them. So if ancestor rights are presumably owned by descendants, then the whole argument concerning "leave my ancestors alone" becomes much more complicated.

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