Saturday, April 09, 2005

where are the articles about pro-life democratic consultants?

In a "news story" the New York Times has reported that a "prominent" Republican consultant, Arthur Finkelstein, has married his partner of 40 years in a civil ceremony in Massachusetts. The old gray lady is careful to point out that Mr. Finkelstein had already been outed in 1996 by Boston Magazine. So the NYT's article is not an outing, then what is it? It is what we have come to expect from many newspapers: editorial commentary. The article's author declares (not even bothering to find someone to quote, but blatantly inserting his own opinion): "Still, some conservative friends said Mr. Finkelstein's marriage would roil conservatives and highlight divisions among them over the importance of social issues to their movement." This sounds more like the author is praying: "Please, lord [or managing editor], let the conservatives be divided, and let my work as a reporter contribute to the downfall of this great, misguided coalition. A coalition, which, if its members only thought about how different they are from one another, would surely fall and allow for a regime of social justice and peace to rule on the earth."

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