Friday, April 15, 2005

Solo Plastic Acrobatics

North Korea is a continual round of parties. At one recent festival, attendees were given the opportunity to listen to a Mongolian “art troupe” sing a song in praise of Kim Jong Il called "General, Please Don’t Travel along the Snow-covered Road in Cold Weather." According to the Korean Central News Agency the performance deeply impressed the audience.

At another party North Koreans were treated to a number of acrobatic displays. I’ll let the KCNA tell the story:

A Chinese acrobat in the number "Piling up chairs on one's head" skillfully performed a breathtaking movement requiring such high technique as concentrating strength on it and balancing oneself while a young Mongolian acrobat in the solo plastic acrobatics "A pearl in a shellfish" presented diverse difficult movements, mesmerizing the spectators. Russian magicians in illusionary juggleries optimistically showcased refined magic techniques with a lot of humor. Chinese acrobats staged "Plastic acrobatics with lamps" to win the applause of the spectators.

Forget the acrobatics. What a feat of translation! (The North Koreans really should have hired the blogger at ChaseMeLadies to teach them English.)

Oh, to live in the worker’s paradise instead of our squalid, money grubbing, violent and militaristic society!

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