Tuesday, April 26, 2005

the school on the hill

Thanks Sean for the graduation congratulations and a big round of applause for Noah. Noah, don't make me and my voucher of your character look bad.

Well, I had to type a 30-page paper (and a 14-page expression of my feelings) to graduate in between Monday and Thursday last week so that I could actually graduate. So, I spent dozens of hours at the U of U law library which reinforced my earlier decision to go to BYU instead of the U. I'm pretty sure that Noah has more books than that library, not to mention that somebody lifted my Wright and Miller Federal Practice and Procedure vol. 7A. It is a fascinating volume, but if you have any information concerning this volume, please contact me at (801) 368-6571.

On an lunch break I decided to peruse the April 19 "Daily Utah Chronicle" and happened upon something disturbing. In the "Calendar!" column [I think that this is a daily feature where the author tries to dress up his outrageous and offensive opinions as witty tie-ins to daily events] the unnamed author first recounts his earlier days in the homophobic Boy Scouts. While you can see my earlier post for my feelings about being labelled homophobic if you are on the wrong side any "gay" issue, the unnamed author dropped all pretenses to civility. He wrote:

The main purpose of the Boy Scouts is to get those snotty bolo-tie-wearing brats ready for military service. While today's military is mostly full of social rejects and rednecks, we're sure it was a good idea back when wars were fought for a purpose.

I guess we can be relieved that not all of our servicemen are social rejects and rednecks. This comment is not funny, nor satirical, it is just ignorant and a bald effort to declare to the world, "Look at me, I'm progressive, I know what our military really is!"

Noah Adds:I love how the folks on the left, who so enjoy screaming “bigot” at conservatives, seem to have no problem tossing around words like “redneck.” The Democratic Party is not the party of inclusion, it is the party of Exclusion. Marc Cooper of the Nation made this point the April Atlantic (subscription required):

You'll remember that when a loose-lipped Howard Dean suggested the dead obvious—that he needed to win the votes of guys who drive pickup trucks with Confederate-flag decals—he was all but lynched by his nurturing, caring, gender-free Democratic colleagues. Oh, no, we don't want those people in our party!

Later he adds:

I've heard liberals, in their post-election malaise, obsess just as much over who they don't want in their ranks, culturally speaking, as over who they'd like to recruit.

The liberals clearly don’t want rednecks in their party. They hate rednecks, and despite all their talk about the joys of toleration they are incapable of tolerating anyone who listens to country music, drives a vehicle with a gun rack or calls a creek a “crick.”

As long as lefties and Democrats disparage rural Americans they’re going to lose elections because rednecks have had the vote since the Jackson Administration and they use it to crush whichever party contains the largest number of panty-waists and hoity-toity caviar-gobbling holier-than-thou snobs. Right now, that’s the Democrats.

P.S. I want my DVD's back . . . Oh, and good job of not flunking out of law school.

Sean Says: I've had it. What the hell is wrong with this world? Where did Beavis and Butthead go? Where the hell did Greg Loyd go? We used to rightly respect our brothers and sisters with shaved sides and tails. Now the children of America know what a GMO is and have no idea how to stalk deer.

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