Friday, April 29, 2005

Noah! Read this!

I was poking around Roger Simons' always excellent blog yesterday and found a link to this in the Nutsack. Cool stuff is going on in the publishing game.

Also, boys and girl, I've sent an inquiry to the BIG BOYS (Reynolds, Johnson, Powerline, Simon, etc.) concerning their new advertising and news service venture described here. More on that when it comes down the line.

Noah Adds: It’s amazing how technology continues to democratize the media. For the time being, however, I’ll leave Incomplete Works on its lonely blog.

Also, despite popular apathy, I am going to start posting chapters of the novel I am currently working on. It’s called “Uncle Theo” and it’s a tale of corporate greed in America (it really is). Theo has a more traditional narrative form than Incomplete Works did and it's probably going to be more readable for it. Chapter One is here.

One of these days I’ll go ahead and blog my first two novels as well. The very first was The Colonel’s Daughter. It started out as a semi-autobiographical novel but by the end it involved international arms smugglers and South American death squads. It has a character based on Sean and another based on Tom (oddly, Brig got left out) although over time I sliced away many of the characteristics that would have made them recognizable.

My other novel is called “On the Bum” and it involves a law student at UC Hastings who becomes homeless in order to avoid his wife (who he suspects wants a divorce). It is heavily based on my observations of life in San Francisco’s Tenderloin (such as the time I observed a homeless guy with stained underpants on his head screaming like a madman and the time I observed a Willy Brown look-alike taking a crap on the sidewalk as he read the morning paper).

It doesn’t matter if anyone reads them, I’m gonna keep pumping these turds out.

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