Friday, April 08, 2005

New Kojak TV series: Sunday night programming's raison d'etre

Just a quick post here to touch base with the Infdl homies after a little absence. 'Tis the busy season of grad school, hence my lack of presence on the board (and the fact that I don't have a computer at home, which means that I have to do all my blog posting at school, which takes precious on-campus time). Though blogging still remains to be a 'compassion' of mine, and Infdl will continue to see and read much from this ass of mine soon enough.

I would also like to share the latest bit of enthusiasm in my life: the new Kojak series, starring Ving Rhames (a favorite of mine). Telly "I'm talking two-ply, baby" Savalas was great as Kojak in the old cop series, but his version of Kojak never had the seriously entertaining bio of Rhames' Kojak (which you'll be glad to find on the official link above). Some highlights:

"A sharp dressed man who's never caught without a fine suit and a fedora hat (and often a lollipop), he specializes in interrogations, and there's no criminal who doesn't quake when confronted with Kojak's huge muscles and oversized personality."

On Kojak's sensitivity and ability to touch: "If Kojak has one flaw, it's that he cares too much. He becomes completely caught up in his cases, partly out of sympathy for the victims and partly out of his burning desire for justice."

A comparison of Kojak's work with his tasteful affection for the finer things: "Kojak's passion for crimesolving is matched only by his love of jazz. The son of a jazz musician, he grew up with the genre-the intensity of the jamming matches the intense focus he gives his cases."

On Kojak's trademark lollipop: "The lollipop is the perfect symbol of Kojak's attitude: it's got a tough exterior, and it takes work to get to the inside."

Do yourself a favor and check out the website for some good reading, like which exclusive clothing stores he shops in, and how he only wears the finest custom-made Italian suits. Also, don't miss the special Kojak music video (by clicking "Watch Tweet video"). It'll make you happy.

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