Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Blogger ate my posts...

Blogger has declared Jihad on my posting. I've lost fully three long-winded posts since switching to cable-internet yesterday. The recover post function does NOT work (hello, GOOGLE!). I'm sick of having three hours of work vaporize and am searching for other INFDL hosting options. Unless, of course, all of the shit that blogger says it can do suddenly happens.

In the meantime, check out Rusty Shacklefords post from yesterday. Good shit in which he uses Tommay as the pointman for his rubbutal of Jay Tea's blogswarm-inducing mind-farts about baptism for the dead.

Tom adds: Koooool. It feels giga-sweet (the new mega-sweet) to be quoted, especially on a great blog like jawa. And I noticed that the trackback function showed it. Good work on the Haloscan, Sean. It makes me wonder if we'd ever been quoted before, but didn't have the means of knowing. Methinks yes. Also, it only took one or two of my posts that Blogger vaporized to begin backing up everything I do (using email) before hitting the post button. Try doing that.

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