Friday, April 15, 2005

The Dustman Cometh

All today’s stories about the Cape Cod murderer refer to the man as a “trash hauler.” Is that the politically correct way to say “garbage man”? And if it is, don’t you think we can do a little bit better than “trash hauler”? I nominate “rubbish transportation specialist” or perhaps “captain of refuse removal.”

I think even the archaic “dustman” would be better than “trash hauler.”

Sometimes we aren’t ambitious enough in our political correctness. While I was in college I worked as a “bellman.” While that is certainly more PC than “bellboy” it’s not quite as PC as “bellperson.” (This issue is also addressed in my classic post modern novel, Incomplete Works.) We can do better!

I think these are signs that the movement for political correctness is losing imaginative steam. Maybe someday soon my grandpa will be able to live his dream to call Italians "wops" again!

(Sorry about the use of the term “wop” Sean. If I recall correctly, you’ve got a dollop of Italian in your genetic stew.)

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