Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dude, That's Gay

I was planning on going to a movie with Wyatt tomorrow night, but in light of this hilarious article from the Old Gray Nutsack I’m rethinking it.

(And to think I once wandered through a Yoko Ono exhibit at the San Francisco MOMA with “the Briefquake.”)

(Via Best of the Web)

Sean Says: Noah, you should know better than to use the phrases "man-date" and "nutsack" in the same line of thought. I now feel very uncomfortable. Besides, I took Wyatt out on a man-date and didn't even get so much as a kiss. Good article, though.

And one more thing--I started using the term "Old Gray Nutsack" during the most recent election because of their low-hanging, droopy leftism. It stuck for me, I guess.

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