Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ding, Ding, Ding! INFDL's first comment from a delusional leftist!

We here at INFDL mark with joy the many milestones of bloggitude. We jumped with joy at the sight of our first comment. The first time we used the 'F' word is found here. Probably the only recorded instance of the phrase 'shit-wad' in the bloggosphere appears here courtesy of ThommAy.

You see, we are a festive lot. We enjoy watching our little blog unfold and we mark the passing of significant firsts for our future enjoyment. It's sorta like taping the first dollar you make in a business to the counter as a reminder of the hard work it took to start it.

When I started this thing I remember thinking to myself "Geez this could be fun, especially when we get a few eighteen-year-old Marxists pissed". Well, my friends, that special moment has come to us like a piece of poo plopped down from above. In disagreeing with my post that stated my disdain for any amount of credit being foisted upon the Red Clown with the alien-baby tattooed to his face (Gorby), Andres Briano lets this out of his pants:

Dear author,
I do not think that you are right when advertising that Reagan was better than Gorbachev. I think you are deluded or just a typical american who chooses to see the bits of history that allow them to keep alive their fantasy of present and history. If I were you, I would start reading before making and even bigger ass out of myself.

Andres Briano

First off, my fine Italian brother, I can't read nor can my countrymen. We are a proud group of cowfolk with a limited grasp of things logical. In fact, as I am writing this, I am at a Monster Truck rally with my first cousin sitting on my face.

Second, my "fantasy of present and history" is clouded, I must confess, by many years of eating genetically modified corn product. Hell, I sometimes frolic in a bed of GMO cabbage while whipping small brown children as they fashion Wal-Mart merchandise with the sinew of the world's suffering class.

Third, the sentence "If I were you, I would start reading before making and even bigger ass out of myself." is a bit abstract. How does one go about "making and even bigger ass" of one's self? Does one really need to start reading before "making and even bigger ass"?

So, to mark this moment we have an award for this brave and pouty pompadour who is struggling against the endless tide of soulless flat-tops. We offer, as thanks for the occasion, the incredible Floppy Smacker self-defense device. Use it to fend off the invading Americans or as a handy kitchen-tool. (Just send $26.50 plus S&H to the above link).

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