Monday, April 11, 2005

Damn near got ate...

yesterday while I was running. I've spent a couple of decades poking around the west without seeing a mountain lion. Well, that streak is over now.

I was running the beautiful trail from Ensign Peak (above the capital) to North Salt Lake. It takes you out onto a grassy shoreline that sits two thousand feet above the valley floor. At mile three, I was startled by a half dozen mule deer darting off to the right. Just after that I saw what I thought was a golden retriever rolling around and smelling stuff. As I got within about forty yards, it suddenly stood and gave me the perfect profile of a big male cat. It had spooked the deer and was going wild over the scent of deer-ass.

I was frozen for a few minutes watching this huge beast run back and forth on the bench following deer-smell. As the wind shifted, he took notice of me. He watched me as I backed away slowly over a period of about fifteen minutes. Incredible.


Brig said...

Was the real point of your post that you run, and we are all totally lazy?

Sean said...

I offset any benefit from running with lots of fat and beer.