Monday, March 07, 2005

You want some hearts and minds? I'll give you some hearts and minds....

One common refrain of the "Reasonable Left" (Thomas Friedman, George Friedman, etc.) concerning our efforts in the M.E. is that while the efforts in the region are noble, they are purely militaristic and hence bumbling and possibly ineffective. Well, you reasonable and hip old men, check out these hearts and minds.

I've had it with the few on the left claim to see the logic of providing freedom to the oppressed in the M.E., but provide cover for themselves in the form of the ever-present "BUT". This is really an impish attempt to be able to say "I was right" no matter which way history turns. We've all seen it in Thomas Friedman's work. He'll spend an entire article basically defending the Bush Doctrine, and then balance it all out with an unreasoned swipe at it, to give it street cred. The swipe usually has something to do with ripping shit up in a military fashion, but "losing the battle for the hearts and minds". All this really does is expose them for the nostalgic old Nutsacks that they are.

I know plenty of young people (three of them represented in this blog) who are able to grasp Bush's ideas for the region without qualification. It really isn't all that complicated. Here it is:

The Middle East (and the non-Western world in general) are subject to unrelenting oppression by their governments. This causes an entire subculture to bubble with hatred. That hatred has been redirected towards others in the form of terrorism. How do we deal with it? Do we go in and liquefy a country, call it good and go home, ala France in Algeria (or Europe in Africa in general)? No, we go in and liquefy the bad guys when needed, but we leave in our place FREEDOM. That's it. One paragraph.

You see, it's really pretty simple. And all of the left, including the "reasonable" left has been wrong this whole fucking time. I'm not going to sit here anymore and be thankful for the Friedmans of the world. He was wrong in a very fundamental way. We aren't winning the battle for the hearts and minds, FREEDOM is winning the battle for the hearts and minds.

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