Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ted Kennedy Senility Watch

The evidence that Ted Kennedy is senile has been mounting for years. As far back as 1969 he forgot that he left his car at the bottom of a pond with a young lady inside of it. “Oh yeah, that’s where I parked my Oldsmobile!”

In recent days the evidence has mounted at an accelerated pace. A few weeks ago, for example, he couldn’t remember the name of Barack Obama and he kept referring to the freshman senator as “Osama,” apparently mistaking him for the popular terrorist leader.

In a column in NRO today, Byron York recounts Kennedy’s mental breakdown at a event:

Kennedy . . . referred to Barbara Boxer as Barbara Mikulski. He referred to William Myers, the Bush judicial nominee, as William Morris. And he kept telling the crowd to "speak truth to justice," apparently confusing that with the more common liberal exhortation to "speak truth to power."

We understand the Barbara Mikulski slip up. After all, Kennedy has always been a frisky young man at heart and Senator Mikulski is quite a dish. Apparently she weighs heavily on his romantic mind.

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