Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Subtle Taste of Crow

In today’s edition of the leftist British fish-wrap The Guardian, Jonathan Freedland takes note of many of the recent events in the Middle East and admits that the Iraq war was at least a contributing cause of these improvements. “It cannot be escaped:” he argues “the US-led invasion of Iraq has changed the calculus in the region.” He then writes:

This leaves opponents of the Iraq war in a tricky position . . . Not only did we set our face against a military adventure which seems, even if indirectly, to have triggered a series of potentially welcome side effects; we also stood against the wider world-view that George Bush represented. What should we say now?

It’s amazing to me that anyone on the left has enough intellectual honesty offer even so qualified an admission of Bush’s success in the Middle East. He is, after all, an epsilon semi-moron fit for no labor more complicated than scrubbing toilets (and even then, only toilets of the simpler sort). I have to tip my hat to Mr. Freedland and hope that more of his ilk will admit the obvious in the coming months.

You should read the piece, it will give you hope.

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