Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Some Ammunition fo' that ass

In response to Noah's last post about the possibility that certain people will be scrambling for ANY possible alternative explanation for the recent turn of events in the Middle East, I say: yes, full-of-shit peaceniks and Bush-haters-in-general will do just that. I mean, we've all heard some of the wild alternative explanations of "what really caused the collapse of european communism" that stupid-ass-baby-boomers-who-can't-stop-talking-about-the-fucking-60's make to discredit Reagan's contribution to communism's demise. And such it will be this time around as well; there are just way too many assholes so filled with hatred for Bush that they are incapable of understanding what is happening in the Middle East. Though I don't think any of these looney theses will hold any water (after all, these turns of events are and always have been the main Numero-Uno goal of the Bush Doctrine. WMD's were merely the legal justification to invade), we should still arm ourselves with some good shit and contribute to the defense. Here's a REAL tasty bit that gives our side the feeling of 18" manhood, and gives the Bush haters/apologists a whack of the cold spoon.

I really don't think any of these soon-to-be ludicrous cocktail party theories of "what caused this extraordinary movement in the middle-east" by complete nincompoops and wino dolts (oh I'm so glad I no longer work at fucking Sundance) will ever get any real credibility after the blogosphere is finished with them.

Oh, and does everybody just LUV how some of the mainstream media dicks, who are suddenly feeling threatened by blogs, are now trying to defame blogs as "lynch mobs". It's the same old name-calling bullshit that backed-into-a-corner leftists have always been using to stifle and squash any further debate on any matter, and walk away with the last word. Flimsy, and the blogs have finally ended that booooshit!

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