Friday, March 04, 2005

My turn to poop on Syria...

Zzzzzip...pfffoooot.....Plop, right on Damascus. Many think that Syria will pull back to the stunning Bekaa Valley (where it has many troops already) rather than employ a full withdrawal. Obviously, we all want Syria out for the sake of the Lebanese people, but some seem to think of this as some sort of victory for the Lebanese people, when the more reasonable among us can see this for what it is--a white-wash. And Assad may be playing into a bear-trap (much like he played into our hands by vaporizing the wildly popular Rafiq Hariri). The Bushies see through this bullshit and probably welcome the concentration of Syrian troops to a largely remote and sparsely populated area away form the cities.

The Bekaa is strategically important to Assad because of it's position as a forward-operations area against Israel, especially as a northern flank to the Israeli occupied Golan heights. It is a vital bread-basket as well. There are numerous wineries, the Litany river and tributaries (lots of water in a relatively dry area), and countless historic and prehistoric sites. In the minds of many in Lebanon, the Bekaa is a national treasure. This is an important factor.

This move is very clearly aggressive. Rather than succumb to international pressure from the likes of Saudi Arabia and Egypt and the Arab League in addition to the rare Euro-Anglo alliance, they have chosen the path of their own vaporization. Think of it; if Domascus pulls out entirely and hands Lebanon the keys to their own future, a military action against Syria would be seen in the eyes of the afore-mentioned groups as unilateral and aggressive. If however, as seems to be the case, Syria were to hold on to a very valuable slice of Lebanon and continue to send Jew-killers into Israel, there would be considerable support by many (though not all) for military actions against them.

The Bekaa is ringed by the two highest mountain ranges in Lebanon. The Syrians are sitting ducks waiting to be feathered. Why would they do this? Are they protecting something?

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