Monday, March 07, 2005

My last post before I go to Taco Bell and study 4 midtermzz

There's been plenty on Lebanon, but ever wonder what's going on inside Syria these days? Well, check the blogosphere, and you'll find this one. It's really good.

Speaking of the blogosphere, it appears that the Italian journalist, Giuliana Sgrena, who was "rescued", i.e. ransomed for $10 million, appears to be the next cause celebre for the blogs. Charles at LGF has been particularly active in this endeavor. Yeah, I guess it's not as simple as getting shot by "aimless american killers", is it? It looks to be a little more complicated than that, honey. It looks as if her $10 million ransom may have breathed some new life into the jihadist murderer's abilities. And maybe that's the reason why the Italian secret service didn't coordinate with American forces about this (but of course they are Italians, and their watches may have been set on "italian time"). Watch Mr. Charles Johnson dismantle her story here, here, here, and here. And 300 to 400 shots? Riiiiight.

PS If I do what I'm supposed to be doing as a graduate student (studying and cursing mucho), then this will be the last post from my ass this week, as I am in the middle of a shitstorm of midterms and projects (I'll probably wither in the face of all the stress and take the easy, less academically successful route--like I've done so often and eagerly in the past. "No Pain, No Pain." Right?) But my ass will be back in the land of Deseret this Friday, for a whole 9 days of spring break good tymzzz. So I'll post summore then.

Sean adds: Farewell for now, Tommay. May your journey up your ass be fruitfull and may your re-emergence in Utah be greeted by many hours and days of joy. BTW, give me a call when you get here.

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