Thursday, March 17, 2005

Meeting of the minds...

On Tuesday night, Thomas and I got together to honor the age-old tradition of talking to an actual human being. The idea was to commemorate INFDL's two-month birthday in person. That is not to pooh-pooh the current dialog, for this medium is of revolutionary scope.

Case in point: I hadn't talked to Noah since he moved back from San Fran. I got to see Tommay from time to time. It was also rare for me to see Brig. Now we have a place to air our ideas and smack each other around a bit. I friggin love it.

I hope y'all are having as much damned fun as me (although I've been too busy as of late to say much). So let me get to the point: we decided that the most important factor in our blog's future success is in not what we say, but what we wear. That's right, we've decided that while we blog a few regulations should be addressed.

From here on out, when blogging, it is very important to wear leg warmers of a neutral seasonal color. Also, on cold spring mornings, we here at INFDL shall don a nice Baclava made of round-knit wool (softer on delicate skin). We also, when the weather permits, shall enjoy a modest Boat-neck blouse with crab-catcher bottoms (for freedom of movement and a natural ball-cooling effect). That is all, you may now proceed with blogging, albeit with more flare.

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