Friday, March 11, 2005

Liberty Potatoes to the Rescue

Here's an amazing story from ABC news. It tells the tale of a young thug who tried to rob a restaurant in the Netherlands. Though the thug was toting a gun, the owner of the restaurant thwarted the robbery attempt by tossing scalding hot French fries on him (“liberty potatoes” to right-wing cranks).

This is not the amazing part of the story. The amazing part is this sentence: “Fries, or ‘frites,’ are a national snack in Holland and Belgium, where they are deep-fried in oil and then salted and eaten with mayonnaise and chopped onions.”

So the Dutch are dippin’ their fries in mayonnaise and we’re still the fattest nation on the earth? How did that happen?

. . . Oh yeah, chili cheese fries.

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