Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Kung-Fu Frogs and Sin City Hyperbole

Last night I watched a French film called The Brotherhood of the Wolf. The movie suffered from two glaring flaws.

In the first place, it tried to portray Frenchmen as badasses. The movie had 18th century powder-wigged aristocrats flying around in absurd kung-fu fashion delivering death blows with wild abandon. I know you gotta suspend disbelief but, jeeze.

Secondly, the plot of the movie centers on a mysterious wolf-like beast that is mauling peasants across the countryside (it seemed to particularly enjoy chewing on buxom young ladies). A French zoologist (who is surprisingly good at kicking asses) is sent to help capture it and at the end of the movie he discovers the secret of the beast: It is a lion in a scary costume.

I did not make that up. The beast really is a lion in a scary costume. With all that said, however, I still have to admit that I kind of liked the movie.

Also in movie news, I came across this statement in a Rotten Tomatoes-posted review of the upcoming flick, Sin City (a movie that, I must admit, I am breathlessly awaiting):

Rodriguez's determination to keep Miller's shadow world black & white, with only the occasional splash of color, is most likely what saved Sin City from an NC-17 rating. Had the film been color, there would be no more gruesome a movie. Limbs chopped off, hatchets in crotches, decapitated heads, hungry canines feasting on living humans, bare hands ripping off male genitalia, scenes of torture that would do Abu Gharib proud . . .

Oh yeah, because we all know that a naked pyramid is about the same as a hatchet in the crotch.

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