Friday, March 04, 2005

Just a Quick Note

Reading Tommay's reference to: "-ass-baby-boomers-who-can't-stop-talking-about-the-fucking-60's make to discredit Reagan's contribution to communism's demise" reminded me of an email that I got from Tom on March 28, 2002, one that will never be deleted. Everyone should get a chance to read this powerful, logical argument. Thank you Tom for enlightening us all and I hope that you have finally found a place where others are as cool as you are.

I hate everyone that was born in the 80's (except for chicks). I walk around here every damned day and see all these fresh people born in the 80's all looking like skaters and blink 182 bitch-asses. None of them are cool, they're all gay. And I hate them. I am way too old and sweet for this stinkhole of freshness. There is such a fucking generation gap here like you wouldn't even believe. Nobody knows anything about 80's hits and tits tv shows. It's like all of this happened all of the sudden. I don't remember it being like this a year or two ago, at all. I will be gl ad when I finally move on to a place where others are as cool as me. Peace out, Tommay

Tom humbly responds: Ah yes, BYU circa 2002. That was my low point. But I am truly humbled by your praises and alabanzas, Brigg. Especially from an email (and time) that I'd forgotten about and that has meant something to you. To all (four) readers at INFDL, we all have the power to touch lives. So reach out.

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