Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Jacko's pajamas? Scott Petersen's death sentence? I guess we're winning the war....

From the looks of it, all 150,00 American men and women who were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have "been disapeared" or translated as in the City of Enoch of old. This once hot-button issue, the issue that birthed the "most important election of our lifetime", has virtually disapeared from the front page in the blink of an eye. Gone are the days when the hottie leftist at the bar declared such things as "the Third Reich has been rebirthed and the Succubus is Chimp-Hitler". No more are the conversations with our fellow compatriots marred with the ever-present Viet Nam comparison. Al QaQaa? Can you say Al Debbie Gibson?

Have we all forgotten the unmitigated disaster that is Iraq/Afghanistan? Do "100,000 civilian deaths" or "Abu Graib" ring a bell? How about the "Modern Crusades"? Forgive me for pointing out that the Crusades never involved a power that would remove replace tyranny with guarantees of personal freedom and self-governance. And there-in lies the point: the left (and media) just can't shake the hangover from years of the wrong-headed foreign policy "Realism" that infected all of the modern Presidencies including (and I'm about to piss off a few people here at INFDL) Reagan and excluding the current chief.

The left and certain portions of the right have, in their limited lexicon, no word for truly humanitarian use of force. Such actions run against an entire lifetime of assumptions. Realpolitikers would have us believe that despot-removal serves no national interest and that we may just as well serve our purposes like we have in the past: preach "stability", extract what ever interest we have and get the fuck out. This thinking is just as counterproductive as the knee-jerk anti-power stance that we are all too familiar with.

So what's the solution when you and your friends have been embarrassed by reality? Act as if it never happened. Make it disappear. I have recently spoken to many of the people who I have sparred with about our new world attitude over the last few years, and I must say it seems as if their whole body of knowledge, their entire political experience, stops somewhere between the Iraqi vote and the fall of Syria in Lebanon. The ideas simply stop. Mind you that these are people with encyclopedic knowledge of American atrocities in Central America. They can site, one by one, the many unsavory characters that had found a place by our side during the communist years. They know, in stunning detail, the names of corporations and business people and their imperialistic protocols. They know of the many revolutions of common people world-wide, but they know nothing of the current revolution happening before us in the Middle East.

Why is this? Have they heard of the internet? Or did they simply turn off their modems when they saw their precious prejudices evaporate before their very eyes? It seems to be happening right now in the media. Iraq? Yesterday's news... Micheal Jackson's dick? Now that's revolutionary.

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