Friday, March 04, 2005

Intended Consequences

I just wanted to add one thing to the debate about whether the recent events in the Middle East were intended by the Bush administration. The following is an except from President Bush’s 2002 speech before the U.N. where he argued in favor of going to war with Iraq:

If we meet our responsibilities . . . The people of Iraq can shake off their captivity. They can one day join a democratic Afghanistan and a democratic Palestine, inspiring reforms throughout the Muslim world. These nations can show by their example that honest government, and respect for women, and the great Islamic tradition of learning can triumph in the Middle East and beyond. And we will show that the promise of the United Nations can be fulfilled in our time.

And don’t forget, the war in Iraq was “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” President Bush didn’t stumble into a positive historic shift in the Middle East. He made it happen.

(Although, since this is the Middle East we are talking about here, the fecal matter could hit the fan at any given moment.)

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