Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Here come the clowns...

Ahhh, the intellectual honesty of the "Peace" movement. After being spanked silly by the always-annoying facts (damn them) for a straight two months, they will be, like a stubborn scab, coagulating in a city near you to protest Iraqis' right to self-government. (thanx to Michelle Malkin).

You see, those foolish brown Iraqis just don't realize that when they all showed up to vote on the 30th of January, they were really voting against their right to be slaughtered by evil despots.

Damn the Americans and their hegemonic desire to end tyranny. Don't those cowboys see that by offering the masses the right to steer their own government, they are actually suppressing indigenous people's right to be raped en-masse?

Don't think for a minute that this will all go unpunished. For the crimes against humanity that the U.S. has committed, the peace movement will put Uncle Sam on stilts... And hold up a signs reminding us of that presidents' last name means "hair-pie" (clever alliteration)....And don't forget the corporate pig masks (always a crowd favorite)... And the BusHitler T's... And bets of all, the post-protest rim-job from the cute Women's Studies major that caught your eye on State and 6th.

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