Thursday, March 17, 2005

Going to Bat for Bolton

The Euroweenies have been trashing Bush for appointing John Bolton as our ambassador to the United Nations. They say that it's a mistake for the President to pick a man with a history of criticizing the U.N. The Euroweenies are waaay off. The U.N. is seriously screwed up, and if it's going to get fixed it needs someone who is willing to point out the flaws. I enjoyed Mark Steyn's recent defense of the appointment:

Sending John Bolton to be UN ambassador is like ...putting Sudan and Zimbabwe on the Human Rights Commission. Or letting Saddam’s Iraq chair the UN conference on disarmament. Or sending a bunch of child-sex fiends to man UN operations in the Congo. And the Central African Republic. And Sierra Leone, and Burundi, Liberia, Haiti, Kosovo, and pretty much everywhere else. All of which happened without the UN fetishists running around shrieking hysterically. Why should America be the only country not to enjoy an uproarious joke at the UN’s expense?

The U.N. has been pissing away its moral authority for decades and is close to dying of dehydration. Bolton is the cold drink of water it needs.

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