Monday, March 28, 2005

A Brig Dump and the IRA

According to the Daily Telegraph, Gerry Adams recently called the murderers of Robert McCartney “cowards,” and said that they have “sullied the republican cause.”

As if the republican cause wasn’t up to its neck in filth already. The republicans have been indiscriminately (and sometimes discriminately) murdering people across Britain for decades, and suddenly the death of one unlucky IRA thug at the hands of other IRA thugs sullies the cause? I’m sorry, but it is impossible to “sully” something that is already as dirty as Irish republicanism. It’s like taking a poop in an outhouse. Sure, there’s another dump down there, but is the outhouse really any dirtier as a whole? (Unless it was Brig who took the dump, in which case the outhouse would actually be much filthier.)

His statement is all the more rich considering the fact that he almost certainly knows exactly who killed McCartney (the IRA offered to murder the murders after all, so they presumably know who they are) and he could hand them over to the constabulary today if he wanted to.

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