Sunday, March 06, 2005

Another Plume of Leftist Ass-Smoke...

I was assaulted by this as I was peacefully enjoying my morning coffee. I seriously wonder if the anti-war camp is really just kidding, playing some sort of cruel joke on the rest of us lucky enough to have a bit of sense. It's posted in Salt Lake Tribune's opinion section. The author is a self-described "peace" activist. The name of this mind-stool is "Pray for the soldiers, not the masters of War". I'm not making this shit up:

I feel compelled as an antiwar activist to respond to Jessica Hanson's heartfelt plea for unity and prayer for the soldiers in Iraq (Forum, March 1). As the mother of three draft-age sons who have been persistently targeted for recruitment by the military, I have tried to imagine what I would be feeling if any one of them were in Iraq or Afghanistan, and it is simply too heart-wrenchingly painful an image to sustain, in part because it matters very much to me whether the war is right or wrong.

Though I understand the need to find meaning by those being called upon to make this horrific sacrifice, this war is not now, nor has it ever been, about fighting for our freedom. Neither is it about fighting for Iraqi freedom, or democracy in the Middle East, as is currently being touted. War has forever been, and will always be, about controlling resources. Sadly, this time my country is not on the side of a weaker nation defending itself against an aggressor, but is itself the aggressor invading and occupying a weaker oil-rich country under the timeworn, lofty and deceptive guise of, first, self-defense, and, when that was proven false, liberation.

I will pray for your soldier, Jessica, as I will pray for Iraqi insurgent soldiers. Please do not be offended, as they are all someone's loved one. I will pray that soldiers everywhere will lay down their arms so that the masters of war will be forced to resolve their differences in a more civilized manner. I will pray for enlightened societies that know their history and understand that war serves the needs of its masters, not of those doing the actual fighting. I will pray that the people of the world will find a way to share its resources in love and brotherhood. This is a value I learned in Sunday School, one that I believe in with all my liberal bleeding heart. Pray for the soldiers, yes. Unite behind the masters of war, never!

Jackie Anderson

Jackie Anderson is from Price. Perhaps she lost her mind in a coal-mining accident. My rebuttal to the Tribune will surely be ignored, just like the dozens of letters and op-eds that I have sent them. Their Op-ed division is one of the worst in the country (they still even pay columnist Gwynn Dyer, the British ass-clown who last year predicted that within a year the U.S. would be forced out of Afghanistan and the Taliban would be back in power). Even the City Weekly and Deseret News will publish my shit. Here's what I gave them:

In her letter printed in Sunday's opinion section titled "Pray for the soldiers, not the masters of war", Jackie Anderson (who calls herself an anti-war activist) states that "War has forever been, and will always be about controlling resources".

Following that logic, one could say that the liberation of Europe from fascist human slaughter-camps was motivated by the "controlling of resources". What resources, might I ask, did the U.S. gain from that conflict? Cheese? Or perhaps she was referencing the Civil War. Surely the North was only interested in the South's stockpile of Cajun spices. Let's not forget the Revolutionary war either. It was, of course, the first documented case of American greed, when we selfishly forced the British out of governance. The resource gained? Our freedom.

She later states "I will pray for your soldier, Jessica, as I will pray for Iraqi insurgent soldiers. Please do not be offended, as they are all someone's loved one." Here the reader gets to see, in all it's hypocritical glory, the two-faced lie that is the "Peace" movement. They are against war, but pray for the terrorists who are actively trying to prevent Iraq from seeing some semblance of liberty. Jackie Anderson is praying for the guys who saw innocent people's heads off and rape women indiscriminately. She is against human suffering, but only when that suffering was "caused" by America.

My case in point: when the U.S. military went back into Fallujah last fall, as a precursor to the historic elections in January, they found the headless, armless and legless body of Margaret Hassan, the leader of CARE Iraq, which is one of the most respected humanitarian groups working in that country today. While Jackie Anderson is praying for the monsters that committed this act, she should remember that the "Iraqi insurgent soldiers" would just as soon do the same to her, and they probably don't much appreciate her advocacy.

Sean Neves
Salt Lake City

I truly can't even believe that the anti-warriors believe the shit that comes out of their mouths. Every word is a nail in the coffin.

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