Monday, February 07, 2005

Yukon Ho!

One of the most irritating habits of members the left is their constant issuance of threats to move to another country if they don't get things their way here. Alec Baldwin started the trend in the run up to Bush's first election. He said that if Bush emerged victorious he was packing up and moving out. He's still here (despite having been killed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker on numerous occasions), and as far as I know he is not currently engaged in any French real estate search.

A leftist saying "I'm moving to Canada" is extremly childish. It reminds me of that kid in the third grade who, when the game wasn't going his way, used to say "I'm going to take my ball and go home." But at least that kid made some sense. The ball was his after all, so his tantrum had weight. The liberals have no leverage in their threats. If they leave the country their cause is weakened.

In the past these threats were just so much hot air, but now, in the wake of Bush's reelection, some people seem serious. The International Herald Tribune ran a story on the subject today. According to one Canadian immigration lawyer "the number of U.S. citizens who are actually submitting Canadian immigration papers and making concrete plans is about three or four times higher than normal."

The number of those immigrating from the United States to Canada is expected to jump from 6,000 to 18,000 this year. And if 18,000 does not sound like a lot of people the IHT reminds us that the number is "more than double the population of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania."

Somehow, I am not awed by that comparison. Gettysburg is essentially a Pennsylvania truck stop that sells Civil War themed shot glasses and commemorative plates. (No offense intended towards the brave men, dead and dead, who struggled there.)

One of the people moving out it Miss Melanie Redman who has put "her Volvo up for sale and hopes to be living in Toronto by the summer." (Why am I not surprised that she drives a Volvo?) She and her Canadian boyfriend were planing to move to New York but the pair just can't stomach living in a George Bush-tainted America. Imagine the horror of living in a bastion of right wing extremism like New York City! The nausea induced by the thought was apparantly overwhelming.

I wish Miss Redman well in her new Canadian home, but it's too bad she and her cowardly compatriots don't have the courage of their convictions. If they really cared about their beliefs they would stay here, where they could most effectively promote them, instead of cravenly fleeing the Republican hordes. I don't remember even the nuttiest conservatives (Pat Buchanan) threatening to move out during the Clinton years.

Sean adds: I sometimes wonder why Canada is the chic choice for leftist expatriots (if you can call it that, seeing as all of them will surely continue their goverment payouts, aka Social Security, Medicare, etc.). Forget that softy, beady-eyed Canadian bullshit. Why not choose a place that truly exemplifies the leftist worldview? Someplace like Cuba or North Korea?

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