Thursday, February 10, 2005

When is it Too Early to Tell Your Kid about the Holocaust?

Last night as my three year old was saying his nightly prayers, the boy said something interesting. He said, “please bless the Germans that they don’t kill all the mommies, and daddies, and little tiny babies.”

When he was finished and my wife and I had left the room she looked at me sharply and asked, “did you tell him about the Holocaust?”

“Uh, I might have mentioned it.”


“Oh, I dunno, I guess it came up in the conversation.”

“The Holocaust ‘came up’ in a conversation with a three year old?”


“Well, I guess that explains why he was running around in the yard all day with his toy sword yelling ‘I’ll get you, you stinky Germans.'”

Now, I suppose I erred in telling my boy about the Holocaust (he’s too young), but in a world where anti-Semitism seems to be on the rise once again it’s something every child needs to be taught sooner or later (perhaps when they're four).

(My apologies to INFDL's large Teutonic readership, I’m now going to try to channel his anger towards the "Nazis.")

Sean Adds: I don't know what the propper answer is to this vexing question. All I know is that kids nowadays are getting way too smart way too fast. I found out yesterday that my 8 year old niece has her own blog (now on hiatus). I hadn't heard the word blog until about seven months ago. Before we know it, in this time of compounding-interest of knowledge, our children will surpass us and possibly be our bosses within months.

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