Sunday, February 06, 2005

Seymour Hersh in the City of Salt...

The halls of the Salt Lake Public library were disgraced with the presence of the imminent clown of knee-jerk Foreign policy "Realism"--the New Yorker. He gave a rousing seminar on US hegemony (lefty catch word), I'm sure, judging by the fawning reception reported by the Salt Lake Tribune. It was taped and will be rebroadcast on Tuesday here in Salt Lake on local channel 17. I will watch it, throw some stuff at the TV, have a beer (or four) to calm down and report to the readers of INFDL on what I saw.

Update: This is relating to Noah's previous post about leftists of a certain age annoying propensity towards Vietnam comparisons. Seymour Hersh is one of that particular cadre. He cut his teeth in journalism covering the U.S. "defeat" in the Tet offensive. So we know that he is not interested in the "truth".

Message from TommAy: Sean, that sounds like a very exciting thing to stay home and drink beer to. But just in case it isn't, try a fun drinking game while watching the Seymour "Abu Ghraib" Hersh TV special. Here it is: Every time he says "Abu Ghraib", take 1 drink.
Got it? You'll be so totally William Holden-style shitfaced by hour's end that you'll soon forget who's hot/who's not in Wilson Phillips circa 1992.

Update from Sean: Couldn't find the damned thing on the tube. I think it was only available on Commie-cast channel 17, and seeing as I know no sorry suckers who use Commie-cast, I was shid owda lukk. I have a copy of the tape on hold at the Library. It should be available before week's end.

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