Friday, February 18, 2005

RE: Gravy Related Accidents

I really enjoyed Sean's last post, but I have a few suggestions as to what he might want to do to the next group of "professors" who show up at his restaurant. He should "accidentally" spill a gallon tub of scalding hot gravy on them. They'll get mad and say something like "you clumsy oaf!" And then they'll ask, "do you guys even serve gravy here?" When they find out that Sean's restaurant does not actually have gravy on the menu, and that he brought it from home in a thermos, they'll get pretty mad. At this point Sean will have two choices: 1) giggle and run away, or, 2) play the race card. In his last post Sean says he is "mostly white," but I happen to know that he has more Native American (Hawaiian) in him than Ward Churchill. Actual percentages don't matter, it's all in the wild island hair.

Oh, and welcome to INFDL Brig . . . I want my DVD's back.

(I would have put this on as an addition to Sean's earlier post but for some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to do that.)

Sean Adds: As the INFDL in-house expert on military gravy stategy, Noah's advice is invaluable. I will try the gravy trick and report back.

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