Friday, February 18, 2005

A Purple Figure 11

First, I would like to thank Mr. Neves for providing such a fine forum to hear what others have to say and that I thoroughly enjoy reading the posts to the site. Television needs defenders, and who better than Tom with whom I've spent many hours researching the subject, and Noah who doesn't have cable, but can luckily get Fox? Conservatives need voices and humor and who better than you all.

In honor of B. Isaacson, Margaret and Chad, Amanda Burr, and Jennie Lin (since I just saw her at the Salt Lake City Library and not because I saw her at the last Hips concert), I concur with Thomas Friedman's suggestion that the people of Lebanon extend a purple finger to Syria and add that perhaps they should add one more finger for a powerful, purple figure 11.

Friedman writes:

Nothing drives a dictatorship like Syria's more crazy than civil disobedience and truth-telling: when people stop being intimidated, stand up for their own freedom and go on strike against their occupiers. . . . They must start playing by Baghdad Rules.

Baghdad Rules mean the Lebanese giving the Syrian regime - every day, everywhere - the purple finger.

In another part of the article, Friedman reports that Hariri, before Syria killed him (or at least allowed for his murder), and others in Lebanon were emboldened by Iraq's experience to make new efforts to get Syria out.

Is there a story that makes you feel better than Iraq?

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