Friday, February 11, 2005


Yesterday I mentioned that the North Koreans didn't have missiles that could reach the United States. Apparently this is not true. They can reach Hawaii, Alaska and even the West Coast, althought there is some question as to whether or not they can mount a nuke to their long range missile (that sounds vaguely dirty). I wouldn't normally correct a blog post except for two issues present in this case:

1) I do not want to offend His Great and Powerful Excellency and Benevolent Mother and Father of the Magnificent People's Revolution of Korea, by suggesting that he has less firepower than in fact he does.

2) It'll give you something to think about on your next vacation to Sea World.

The frightening thing about nukes is that the technology to make them is from the 1940's, so any tin pot dictator who is willing to invest the money will be able to make them if he wants to. Unless, as Sean points out, they are afraid of American military power. Falling moabs and daisy cutters are very persuasive. Sean argued for missile defense the other day, let me add that we should also begin developing those small-nuke bunker busters the Pentagon wants.

Years ago when Iraq was developing nuclear weapons the Israelis put a stop to it by bombing the program to rubble. Since then rogue nations have moved their programs underground. The small nuke bunker busters will bore down to these burried labs and turn them to glass. We need them. There could be no greater tool to stop nuclear proliferation.

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