Friday, February 18, 2005

North Korean News Story of the Day

The celebration of Kim Jong Il's birthday continues as all North Koreans (who aren't in prison or starving to death) express the unmitigated joy they feel at being ruled over by a demigod (Kim Jong would probably prefer it if I nix the "demi" part of that word). The Korean Central News Agency has the scoop:

The joy of the Korean people enjoying February holiday was added by acrobatic performances of the Pyongyang Moranbong Circus and the Pyongyang Circus and comedies by the State Comedy Troupe, replete with unique skills, dexterous gifts, optimism and laughter.

North Korea has a State Comedy Troupe? Watch out Yakov Smirnov! I wonder if they make fun of Kim Jong Il's absurd haircut or enormous glasses? Somehow I doubt it.

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