Wednesday, February 09, 2005

My Two Cents on Ward Churchill

Ward Churchill, the embattled college professor who pretends to be a Native American, is in the news once again. He delivered a speech at the University of Colorado to a group of nitwits who gave him a standing ovation when he finished. The AP reports on the sorry event here.

Its astounding to me that there are a thousand people in this country who would applaud a man for reiterating his conviction that the men and women who died in the World Trade Center were Nazis who deserved their fates. Churchill has said that these people were legitimate targets and in his speech today he called the terrorists "combat teams" and made reference to their "gallant sacrifices." While I have to admit that I cringe when people call the terrorists "cowards" (anyone willing to end their life for a cause, even an evil one, is certainly not a coward) calling them "gallant" is disgusting.

Churchill blames the U.S. imposed oil embargo for the deaths of 50,000 Irqui children (a number he apparently pulled out of his voluminous ass). He says that these deaths were the motivation behind the 9/11 terrorists, (nevermind what Osama Bin Laden has to say on the subject) and that the embargo was a perfectly valid reason to kill thousands of Americans. He wrote this nonsense before the oil for food scandal broke, but it is now clear that any deaths of Iraqi children during the embago years were due to the rampant corruption at the U.N. Still, Churchill apparently has no plans to issue a retraction.

Now, I don't think a man should be fired on the basis of what he says. Freedom of speech is sacred and deserves a high order of protection. However, if he actually teaches this sort of thing in the classroom he should be canned immediatly. He should be fired not for his beliefs, but for incompotence. I believe in academic freedom, but when something is patently nonsense it should not be taught. We don't hire people to teach that "shit don't stink" or "Helen Thomas is Hot," and Churchill's ideas on 9/11 are just that idiotic. What Bill Owens and the University of Colorado should do now is look into what sort of thing he actually teaches in his class.

I had a history teacher in high school who went on and on about the prophesies of Nostradamus, his survivalist techniques and his theory that the Commies were faking the fall of the Berlin Wall. He should have been sacked too.

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