Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"George Michael's Latest Release"

Old pop stars never die, they just fade away . . . Oh, wait, it's old soldiers who fade away. Pop stars never go anywhere at all. That's why I don't believe George Michael for one moment when he promises that he is going to dissapear from the public eye. Pop stars are worse than Michael Jordan, they're always having farewell tours and goodbye concerts, and they're always coming out with their absolutely last album. But it's never true! Cher too recently said that she would no longer foist herself upon the public stage, but I don't believe it for a moment. If only it were so!

And do we need an announcement from George Michael that he is planning to withdraw from the public eye? If it hadn't been for the unpleasantness in a public toilet a few years ago no one would ever think about him at all. His announcement is in fact merely an acknowledgement that nobody listens to his music anymore and that his name has become the punch line to dirty jokes.

In fact, the title of this post is the punch line to a joke David Brent mangles in an episode of The Office (the build up involves a question about a substance found in a urinal). Ten bonus points if you caught the reference.

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