Monday, February 28, 2005

G Dub gets the coveted "Nature Boy" vote..

Perhaps it's because I was a child when Reagan took down the empire that was responsible for over one hundred million deaths. Or perhaps it is because I believe that the undertaking of Democracy in the Greater Middle East seemed like an impossible task not too long ago. I don't know for sure because after all, we still have a long and bloody road ahead. It's just too soon to see where this is all headed, but I can't remember a succession of powerful events like these since the fall of the Wall. One can even sense that Palestinians are growing weary of the Islamists who have hijacked their cause and poisoned an entire generation of youth with pure blood-hate (Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc.).

I've maintained for a long time that Lebanon is a microcosm of the Arab dilemma. They are normal, diverse people who want to make a living and enjoy life who have been slaughtered by the thousands by their leaders and their Euro-enablers. It certainly is exciting to watch the shit hit the fan over and over again, in rapid succession (like TommAy with the ladies of Florida). This shit isn't over with yet, but I've got to hand it to G Dub. He is achieving the impossible before our very eyes, it seems.

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