Thursday, February 10, 2005

Fire up the Missile-Defence System, Batman...

because we may need it sooner than we think. If you're kidding yourself to sleep at night, comfortable with our ability to defend ourselves, check this shit out. Trey Parker and Matt Stone should get the Nobel Peace Prize this year for their portrayal of Kim Jong "Il-Communication" in the masterpiece to end all masterpieces "Team America". This dude is crazier than Dan Rather on Texas X (peyote). It's time for China to step up to bat and use some of it's local neighborhood good will. Perhaps they should drop by the Il household with some funeral potatoes, because that cat's got a freaky death-wish, I'm afraid. His regime is, by many accounts, about to collapse and that's what makes him so dangerous. Seriously, mix this situation with a little Mullah-Nuke Saffron and we'll have a nice glowing shepherd's pie for dinner soon. My point: lets get some missile-fucking-defense rolling in short order.

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