Saturday, February 05, 2005

A Dating Service for Sex Offenders

Yesterday the San Francisco Chronicle carried an astounding story about one man's search for love in a cold, indifferent world. His name was Glen Westburg, and his search ended in tragedy:

Authorities said Westberg used the newly released on-line database of registered
sex offenders to find potential dates, sending explicit letters to a handful of
offenders in hopes of wooing them for sex.

Wesburg (who has been convicted of child molestation twice) was ratted out by one of his fellow sex offenders. A police officer posing as one of the listed perverts met him for a cup of coffee at Starbucks and arrested him. He was charged with "illegally accessing the database as a registered sex offender."

The cops have good reason to keep sex offenders from using the list. They don't want them looking each other up and hatching schemes together. Still, I think a sex offender should be able to at least access his own little piece of the list to make sure that the picture posted there is flattering. You wouldn't want a photo of yourself posted all over the internet if it made you look like Nick Nolte or James Brown's mug shot. That'd be embarrassing.

What he should have done, and what would probably have been perfectly legal, is simply take out a personal ad in the Chronicle:

SWM looking for friendship, possibly romance. Seeks SWM who enjoys Italian
food, French films and pederasty. Good personal hygiene a must.

Maybe Dr. Neil Clark Warren can make a special place for people of Mr. Westburg's persuasion at

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