Monday, February 21, 2005

Crazy shit in Lebanon...

Wow, is stuff ever changing in the Middle East. In Lebanon, we may be watching a revolution on par with the Ukraine, but with farrer-reaching (I know, farrer is not a word) consequences. The first thing to mention is the mass-demonsrations in Beirut. Perhaps the Syrians (read: the Mullahs of Iran) are listening. Check this shit out: Syrian troups will begin a pull-out! This article reads very casually, but if this is to believed, it is nothing short of revolutionary.

Syria is Iran's proxy evil doer when it comes to Israel. It is the means for the opperation of that Jew-Slaughter-house Hezbollah, which is Iranian. I'll hold back total enthusiasm until we see how this shakes out. The Lebanese are a freedom-loving people, and Lebanon is a jewel of a land- absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to go back someday (as all of us probably know here at INFDL, I lived in Israel for a time as a young child). Let's all cross our fingers, because we have never seen this type of change so fast in the region. Perhaps in the days of Began and Sadaat we saw this kind of movement, but that progress wasn't butressed by a massive Democratic movement.

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