Friday, January 21, 2005

websites for the gray matter

My university newspaper today had a piece about the internet's "most worthless sites." The first one,
Here's a game where you're presented with a button. The challenge is, predictably, to see how long you can hold the button down. How? Click on it with your mouse and don't let go. The timer starts counting when you press. It shows how your time compares to that of others.
Now, this website would be none-too-noteworthy were it not for two exceptions: a) it's mere existence, and b) because, as of now, the highest record is two days and one hour...and that's only the record from within the last week.

The next one,, while not as special as Hold The Button, did provide me with one small service: I now have a new favorite phrase to serve as filler in all my conversations with others.

**Bonus feature--you can create your own "You're the man now, dog" webpage at with a background, text and any "you're the man now, dog" soundclip of your choosing, as well as view the ytmnd creations of many others!!

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