Saturday, January 15, 2005

There's no wisdom in conventional wisdom...

Back in the late nineties, when Clintons' creative use of tobacco products had the entire conservative world blushing with jealousy, I remember thinking something like this; "Jeez, these cats really hate this guy." No, let me rephrase, "Jeez, these cats really fucking hate this guy." Although I limply supported the impeachment at the time (more to put a much needed period at the end of that affair), I just couldn't wrap my head around the pure hatred that an entire chunk of America was displaying towards this guy. He wasn't really all that liberal, I thought. At least compared to say, Jimmy Carter, or Nixon for that matter.

As an enviro-activist, I was excited about some of Clintons' controversial policy moves (see Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument), but the law is a bitch, I figured, and he should know better than to perjure himself. I wasn't even twenty years old then, but I could see that around every bend in that episode, Clinton was skinning conservatives alive. The most amazing thing about it was the ease with which Clinton dispatched his enemies (see Livingston and Gingrich) and the fact that he did it virtually alone, and certainly without the help of his fellow Democrats, who were busy squandering a historic political dominance.
At that time, the right was losing hair fast and was stuck in a knee-jerk tape loop--"Must kill Bill (kick self in ass)...Must kill Bill (kick self in ass)...Must.." This was the conventional wisdom of the right at the time; Clinton must be inihilated.

Which brings me to the current president. In some circles the evil Texan currently bares the blame for everything from the Tsunami to the poop on one's front lawn. But in the grand tradition of Clinton, he manages to destroy his enemies, both political and literal. All this despite not speaking a word of English. And yet again, we have a tape loop--"Must kill George (kick self in ass)...Must kill George (kick self in ass)...Must" Bush must be beheaded--this is the conventional wisdom of the current Left, except now instead of costing us a few Speakers of the House, it may cost us the war. And for the sake of all of the causes and advocacies that are dear to us, we should win this war. Why? Because our system has proven over time to be flexible enough to allow us to repair injustices (however slowly), correct our path and advance the cause of sometimes imperfect justice. That ,at least, should be offered to the Iraqi people after the hell they've been through.

If you favor women's rights, environmental and cultural resource preservation, and multicultural understanding, then the Caliphate is certainly not the ideal system. I realize that some hate our president worse than a colonic polyp. I also realize that other people hate him even worse. That much the left shares with Islamofascism, but what you don't see is that the Islamists hate the lefties just as much, and they don't much appreciate their advocacy. And they're playing them like a hooker plays the skin-flute.

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