Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Scenes from Condi's confrontation..err..confirmation...

What a dull affair. I won't dignify efforts to provide the Old Gray Nutsack (NY Tmes) with five-word out-of-context headlines that most members of the panel are obsessed. One example I can't resist. That clown-assed republican (Missed his name, sorry) from Rhode Island who had the "courage" to stand up to Condi's brazen attack on Chavez in Venezuela. After all, he said, the Venezuelan people had spoken and that shows disrespect for the Democratic process. What a crock of ass-sweat that is. Just because Carter declared it peachy (Hmm.. Could that be because Chavez is a Leftist crony of Castro?) doesn't necessarily make it so. Chavez's "election" was a classic communist whitewash on par with the recent Ukrainian gacking heaped upon Putin.

Update: Chrissy Dodd, of the sovereign nation of Connecticut, just finished giving Condi some advice on torture: talk to McCain. Of course this is an attempt to hijack this hearing for head of State, which has little say on the issue of interrogation, and turn it into another club to beat Bush with. Let me say this. All those guilty will be ashamed soon enough for their use of this brilliant lady as a billy club against the president. She just may rule the free world some day. And that, perhaps, is why so many White liberals feel threatened by her. Aside: Barak Obama continues to impress, this guy really might be the only hope of his party.

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